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Investment Risk Policy

1. Purpose The purpose of this Fractional Investment Risk Policy is to establish guidelines and procedures to manage and mitigate risks associated with fractional property investments conducted by [] (“the Company”) on behalf of its clients or stakeholders. This policy aims to ensure the prudent and responsible management of fractional investments to protect the interests of all parties involved.

2. Risk Identification and Assessment 

2.1 The Company shall conduct a thorough risk identification and assessment process for each fractional investment opportunity. This process will consider factors such as market conditions, legal and regulatory risks, financial viability, potential conflicts of interest, and any other pertinent risk factors.

2.2 The risk assessment will be conducted by qualified individuals or teams within the Company who have expertise in investment analysis and risk management.

3. Risk Mitigation and Control 

3.1 The Company shall implement effective risk mitigation and control measures to minimize the impact of identified risks. These measures may include, but are not limited to:

a) Conducting comprehensive due diligence on each fractional investment opportunity, including property inspections, legal reviews, and financial analysis. 

b) Ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry best practices. 

c) Implementing appropriate risk diversification strategies to spread exposure across different types of fractional investments and geographic locations. 

d) Maintaining proper documentation and record-keeping of all investment-related activities. 

e) Regularly monitoring and reviewing the performance of fractional investments to identify and address emerging risks in a timely manner. 

f) Establishing contingency plans to mitigate potential risks, such as market downturns, natural disasters, or unforeseen events that may impact the value or viability of fractional investments.

4. Disclosure and Transparency 

4.1 The Company shall provide clear and transparent communication to clients or stakeholders regarding the risks associated with fractional investments. This includes disclosing all material information, risks, and potential conflicts of interest, allowing clients or stakeholders to make informed investment decisions.

5. Risk Monitoring and Review 

5.1 The Company shall establish a systematic process for ongoing monitoring and review of fractional investments. This includes monitoring market conditions, assessing changes in risk profiles, and conducting periodic reviews of investment performance.

6. The risk monitoring and review process will be conducted by qualified individuals or teams within the Company, independent from the day-to-day management of fractional investments.

7. Policy Review and Updates 

7.1 This Fractional Investment Risk Policy shall be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure its continued effectiveness and alignment with changing market conditions, regulatory requirements, and industry best practices.

8. All investments made are at the sole discretion of the investor(s).

9. It is mandatory for investors and brokers alike, to conduct their own independent research in any and every practical domain possible at the time of buying Shiraakat FPI.

10. Shiraakat FPI is only a technology enabler as a medium of information exchange between the client and the developer, and does not provide any sort of performance guarantee and/or returns, whatsoever, on behalf of any developer or its listed asset(s) or project(s)..

11. It is mandatory for investors buying fractions directly from the developers or any brokerage agencies to receive a message from for their digital ownerships on its website. If you do not receive a confirmation message from, your investment might be at a risk of potential fraud.


By adhering to this Fractional Investment Risk Policy, aims to mitigate risks, protect the interests of clients or stakeholders, and maintain the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in fractional property investments.

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