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Stepping forward and leading the way with a bold approach to Pakistan’s prevailing real estate sector, Shiraakat emphasizes on stringent listing procedures for Developers, enabling them to make use of global best practices models, a robust support system and most importantly, a mega reach to the power of masses.

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Diversion of attention via performance rather than geographical existence

There is a set pattern of investment when it comes to end user level of investments in the real estate projects of Pakistan. The first preference of a majority of micro or small scale investors are to invest in any project that is near or inside their home towns or in some specific areas of their choices.

While in FPI model, the interest is focused on the increment of dividend value of the project they are going to invest in. With the consistency in infrastructural development and the online reputation of the developer, the business entities involved in the process will be able to create new markets for their projects, and ultimately creating more value and demand into their projects.

Flexibility in Project Sharing

It is not mandatory for developers or land owners to allocate the whole project or available land entirely into FPI model, rather they can share a specific block/portion of the land for the said purpose

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