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Introduction to Shiraakat Exchange

Welcome to, a tech company where the future of real estate investment meets the power of fractions. In a world where traditional property investment often requires substantial capital and extensive commitments, we introduce a revolutionary approach that democratizes access to real estate opportunities. is designed to empower investors of all sizes, providing a gateway to the lucrative world of property investment through fractional ownership. At, we believe that everyone should have a fair chance to benefit from the ownership and potential returns of real estate, regardless of their financial capacity. Our innovative model allows investors and end users alike to purchase fractions or shares of a property, enabling them to diversify their portfolio and participate in lucrative real estate ventures that were once exclusive to large-scale investors only. Our user-friendly platform simplifies the investment process, offering a seamless experience from property discovery to transaction execution. Through cutting-edge technology and a commitment to transparency, we strive to create a community where individuals can collectively invest in high-quality properties, unlocking new possibilities for financial growth.

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Ali Raza

Founder & CEO |

A self motivated, personable business professional with a successful 15 years experience in investment consultancy & business management. Started his professional journey with some of the renowned MNCs like Engel & Voelker’s, DAMAC, Emaar, Nakheel, JMM Group & GCP mainly in Germany, UAE & Pakistan which offered him a chance to explore a wide horizon of meeting high powered individuals and indulge with organizations with an aim to invest in the region on a much larger scale.

Progressing forward in his career, he has developed a sense for quickly grasping and adapting to the new and continuously changing demands of the organization/clients. Poised and competent with demonstrated ability to easily transcend cultural differences. Excellent in meeting challenges and a proven record of performing the best in deadline driven environments. Have developed and implemented a co-supportive environment where the road to success carved together and not just alone.

Minhal Hassan

Executive Director |


Having initiated his banking career in Dubai, UAE as early as 2005, Minhal has steered his professional banking career across various core banking functions, from Fraud & Authorizations to Card Operations, IT, AML & Compliance, Credit Initiation, and most importantly Credit Policy & MIS.

Exercising a career shift in 2017, Minhal hopped on to the Real Estate & Migration industries in Dubai, simultaneously, thereby expanding his career’s horizon.

Minhal’s broad and diverse experience in strategic planning & risk management in regulated markets, along with is bold approach to innovative and creative business ideas, combined with his leadership & complex problem-solving skills, make him a core member of the executive management at TDC.

Iram Ali

Director Media & PR |

A well-known name in the events and PR industry. She’s an anchor, collaborator, voice-over artist, event manager, brand activator and in-demand host. Having more than 7 years of real-time work experience and deliverance in multiple roles, she have become the first choice for many of the local and international brands in the market.

One of the core strengths of Iram is that she believes in the combined power of creativity, imagination and strategy.


Her strategy is to capture and communicate a brand’s idea and essence in a simple yet compelling way. She focuses on understanding the philosophy and culture of a company as she truly respect about what your brand means to your customers. With that in mind I am able to differentiate you from the competition and communicate your unique value proposition.

Ahsan Mahmood

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) |

Meet Ahsan Mahmood, a seasoned tech enthusiast and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Shiraakat. Boasting a remarkable 6+ years of industry experience, Ahsan has been on a relentless journey of continuous learning and practical application. In his prior role at Zaions, Ahsan wore many hats, serving as Manager and Team Lead. His impactful leadership steered projects like ‘Trizlink‘ (a groundbreaking SaaS app), ‘ZTools‘ (a community utility app), and ‘ZTech Institute‘ (a hub for industry-standard courses).

Ahsan’s versatility is evident when navigating through diverse tech stacks such as MERN, MEAN, Laravel, Flutter, and more. Beyond coding, he’s delved into automation testing with Cypress and embraced design-related tools, reflecting a holistic problem-solving approach. Now, as CTO at Shiraakat, Ahsan is dedicated to driving innovation and transforming challenges into impactful solutions. Join Ahsan on this exciting journey at Shiraakat, where technology converges with purpose!

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